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Lessons in marketing

Social networks work on clever reward policies. Facebook and Google+ work on notificiations, Twitter on RT’s-replies, Tumblr (not exactly a social network) works on reblogs.

These rewards soon get addictive and we start logging into Facebook every time we get a chance expecting the tiny red figure at the top of the page to appear and show a big number. We soon start posting content on these networks just for these rewards. It’s interesting that social networks are marketed this way (and successfully so).

It also means that apart from its negative effects on users (if anyit also turns us all into marketers. We are soon targeting as many likes or RT’s as possible and a huge majority of us post content only in exchange for these rewards.

It is surprising, though, that these acquired marketing skills are rarely used outside a social network in an actual business.

The Opinionated Pakistani Media

The opinionated Pakistani media. Pakistan’s population have constantly been bombarded not with news, but with opinions and ill formed blighting remarks against India and her progress. The media in Pakistan is another reason behind the country’s fate. (read this article to find out)
Pakistan needs to wake up and realize where they’re headed before they ridicule and point fingers. Right now, the country’s blatant failures and lies are the butt of all ridicule in the world. Their media is either in denial or severely myopic.

Mikhaél’s 1978 BMW R65

Motorcycles are strictly for passionate people. They hold meaning for people who are different and believe strongly in freedom in all things. The very nature of the machine demands independent thought.

I’m proud to be one of such people. I love motorcycles. Big and small. Old and new. For me, these machines are the closest form of human expression in science to the very nature of a human being. It’s a machine with a lot of character. It grows on you and becomes a part of your life. It’s not your everyday car. It has soul, charisma and expression. It can directly communicate to you how it is operating. There’s no layer between you and the machine.

I happen to own two of these machines. Both of them are thoroughbred Kawasaki. One of them, is an 11 year old Kawasaki Caliber Croma. It’s a 110cc motorcycle meant for everyday commuting. It has an OHC Engine that comes straight from Kawasaki and sounds downright gorgeous. The other is a Kawasaki Ninja250R, which is a superbike to begin with. It has the right balance of power and fun. Power you can play around with and yet fear.

One of our trips to Krishnagiri helped us meet a wonderful couple from Switzerland, Mikhael & Tetjana, touring India on a motorcycle. The bike was a 1978 BMW R65. The bike happened to have an exotic horizontally opposed boxer engine, 650cc. The machine sounded absolutely gorgeous.

We had the chance to ride with the couple and show them a short way to Tumkur, where they were headed next.

The experience was thought provoking. It made me think about life and how people come together. We made friends and I got the chance to photograph their motorcycle.

They rode all the way to India and the bike had covered around 30,000 kms without a hiccup.

More about the photos here.

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